Unlock the potential of food through technology and collective wisdom to create a prosperous world for future generations.


Who We are

We are a collective of changemakers and food innovators who are driven to UNLOCK the true value of food through a collaborative approach, harnessing the power of technology and collective wisdom.With our vision of creating a transformative impact on the food landscape, we aim to materialize our co-creation projects with 10 “X” the impact and speed, paving the way for a new era of food ecosystems. Together with all players who believe in the boundless potential of food, we stand alongside those who embrace new challenges. Together, we embark on co-creating a new value network that aligns with the demands of the future, fostering the globalization of the food industry.


SKS JAPAN is one of the largest food tech conference and community in Japan, established in 2017. The 2023 conference gathered approximately 1,200 participants from about 400 companies and organizations. They represented diverse fields such as food and beverage, distribution, consumer electronics, infrastructure, real estate, financial institutions, food service, manufacturing, IT, startups, academia & researchers, government officials, media, investors, chefs, and agricultural professionals. With approximately 100 speakers (including over 30 from overseas) and 64 partner companies, the event fostered connections with ecosystem builders from around the world including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and will continue to promote cross-industry, cross-national, and cross-regional collaborations.


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Shared Vision 2027

Expected Outcome

Create a state where food becomes the intersection of
all industries and food evolves to an industry that attracts diverse human capital.

  1. A number of “co-creation schemes” have been created toward sustainable implementation
  2. The potentials of food hidden in Japan has been visualized and are ready toward value creation to global market.
  3. The number of committed changemakers and innovators in the food domain has reached 10,000 in Japan, and various co-creation and challenges are taking place as they are organically connected.
  4. Innovative products and services that solve social issues as well as unlock the diverse value of food (long-tail needs) with both economic & social impact are continuously being created.
  5. Japan’s strategy for food theme is in place.
  6. We have become a corporate entity that embodies the REGENERATIVE COMPANY

What We do - Beyond borders to make it possible

As food becomes the intersecting theme across various industries, we will increase the number of changemakers and food innovators, creating a platform for co-creation. We also aim to stay on top of the latest food trends and generate insights that can be transmitted from Japan to the rest of the world.

We constantly venture to the forefront of the industry, both domestic and international, and aspire to be “practitioners” who can gather and share firsthand experiences.We are committed to continuous evolution by challenging ourselves with diverse business models and actively participating in new business development, including investment and support. We operate on a global scale, encompassing Japan and beyond, and transcend industry as well as national boundaries.

We are calling on all change makers and innovators: if you seek to venture beyond conventional value chains, forge new frameworks for value creation, or are passionate about transforming the world through groundbreaking products, join us on this journey to transformation!

Striking a balance between short-term and long-term perspectives, while achieving both social and economic impact, is no easy feat. We are here to support companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and professionals who aspire to create and develop new business in the food sector. From crafting future visions to executing business development strategies, our team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge, networks, and track records will stand by your side throughout the journey.

Unlocking the transformative power of regenerative food systems and integrating diverse food values into society is a task that surpasses the capabilities of a single entity. Therefore, we have committed to fostering collaboration by orchestrating conferences and events that serve as platforms for co-creation.

While delving into research on cutting-edge global food trends, we simultaneously explore the multifaceted values of food, the historical context of society, evolving human values and wellbeing are perceptions, and the relationship between humans and technology. Through this holistic approach, we embark on a long-term quest to define the trajectory of food innovation.


Incubation & Activation of Food Tech Entrepreneurship

Startup & venture support, incubation programs specializing in food, building food tech startup studios, etc.

Services & Programs Offered

We are currently planning and preparing several programs. Please contact us if you are interested in this area.

Activities & Achievements

Business Creation & Development

We collaborate with companies to promote new business development and social implementation. Leveraging our expertise in emerging food tech domains such as agri-tech, Future Food, personalization, retail and dining, Kitchen OS, food x AI, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including knowledge provision, advisory support, and Design Sprint Workshops.

Services & Programs Offered
Activities & Achievements

Future Visioning

We will formulate a vision for the future of food, which will be the cornerstone of our business promotion. By understanding the development of cutting-edge technology and the shifting social, cultural, and value systems, we will incorporate our business philosophy and passion into our vision for the future.

Services & Programs Offered


Multistakeholder Project Producing & Deployment

We plan, launch, promote, and implement business for multi-company and multi-stakeholder projects.

Services & Programs Offered

Currently planning several initiatives with like-minded players. Stay tuned!

Activities & Achievements

Food Innovation Community Development

We aspire to develop and grow “Food innovation communities, such as SKS JAPAN” that bring together change makers and food innovators from across industries, natinalities, and backgrounds. This community will foster organic connections, knowledge sharing, and co-creation, leading to a continuous stream of new initiatives. Additionally, we will also establish points of contact with ecosystem builders around the world to promote the globalization of the food industry.

Activities & Achievements

Insight Creation


Mapping the latest trends at the forefront of food tech globally. We grasp the changing tides in the food and related tech industries, and plot our current position and path to the future.

Latest Reports
Services & Programs Offered


We will conduct long-term research and dissemination on diverse food values, human well-being, and implementation theories for new value creation. Drawing from the diverse perspectives of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, we aim to pioneer thought-provoking questions that are two steps ahead of the curve in food innovation.

Services & Programs Offered
Activities & Achievements

Our Team


Hiro Tanaka

CEO / SKS Japan Founder

With experience at Panasonic and McKinsey & Company, Hiro has dedicated 8 years to growth strategy formulation and execution, M&A, business development, and venture collaboration primarily in the high-tech and telecommunications industries. In 2017, he joined SIGMAXYZ and launched the global food tech summit “SKS Japan”. Through his involvement in business development and community building in food innovation Hiro established UnlocX in October 2023 with the aspiration to create a food ecosystem. Co-authored “Food Tech Revolution” (2020/Nikkei BP). Director of the General Incorporated Association Space Foodsphere External Board Member of Basefood Co., Ltd. External Board Member of TechMagic, Inc.


Akiko Okada

Insight Specialist

Dedicated to building insights for the social implementation of food tech. Akiko combines business strategy, technology, and humanities perspectives, while delving into the essence of food tech that holds significance for humanity’s future. She has previously served as a research specialist at McKinsey & Company. In 2017, she joined SIGMAXYZ and launched the Global Food Tech Summit “SKS Japan”. Currently, as an Insight Specialist at UnlocX, she is engaged in building and disseminating insights related to food innovation. Co-authored “Food Tech Revolution” (2020/Nikkei BP).


Tomomichi Sumi

Startup Specialist & Geek

Tomomichi has 6 years of experience at Cookpad in new business creation and smart kitchen-related businesses. He has also been involved in the operation and support of SKS Japan and Foodtech Ventury Day (2019~) since their inception under SIGMAXYZ. As a startup specialist, he is well-versed in domestic and global startups and disseminate industry insights such as Chaos Maps. He serves as a lecturer at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, designing and implementing a curriculum for new business creation based on startup models. Tomomichi has a wealth of experience in supporting new businesses in startups and large corporations.


Ayaka Sato Ph.D

Ayaka founded a hardware startup while studying at the University of Tokyo. Subsequently, worked at Quantum (a startup studio launched by Hakuhodo) on launching their own business and supporting new business development for other companies. After that, she created new smart kitchen related businesses at Cookpad. In 2022, she became independent and has supported numerous startups and large companies in new business creation and existing business reform through workshops. Ayaka also serves a lecturer at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, giving practical lectures on new business creation to students.


Hiromi Machida

Hiromi has 11 years of experience in management, planning and strategy, and organizational reform at Enoteca Co., Ltd, and a sommelier license. Following this, she provided business concept support at BODAI and co-developed the “logic x sensibility” art thinking workshop for human resource development with a former McKinsey management consultant. She has conducted this workshop for large corporations such as financial institutions and manufacturers, as well as academia. Applying art thinking to wine, she developed the “Art x Wine Workshop” that draws out both new value in wine and individual creativity. Co-authored “Art Thinking for Work” (2021/Nikkei BP)


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The newsletter “Foodtech EYES” is now available, providing information on the latest trends in food innovation and community events organized by UnlocX. Please subscribe!

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